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The Best For Your Furbaby

At Posh Paws, we do not have different product levels; we only use the best shampoos, conditioners, and other products with every client. This means your dog will receive the best of everything without an itemized list of charges. From holistic, anti-itch, curly coat, flat coat, or whatever your dog needs, we have the inventory and resources to provide what is best.

We provide your pet with specialty products for their coat. No single shampoo or conditioner is for every dog. Along with premium products, we have state-of-the-art bathing systems to ensure the best quality treatment available.

Services & Price Guide

Nail Trim – No Appointment Necessary - $15

This is included in the Ultimate Bath but if your dog needs maintenance in between sessions, or just a trim in general, anyone may walk in during business hours and request a nail trim.

Brush Out – By Appointment Only

For existing clients, we offer a brushing service for whenever you need just a little extra help, whether it’s to prevent tangles or just freshening them up.

Ultimate Bath – By Appointment Only

Existing Clients – You must have received grooming from us in the last 6 weeks.

New Clients – No curly coats; short hair dogs only.
Is your dog dirty or smelly but does not need to be groomed? Do you have a high maintenance dog that gets matted or tangled between grooming? We offer full bath and dry services that will freshen them up. This is a popular choice for most of our clients in between grooming appointments.

The Ultimate Bath Includes:
• Top of the line shampoo and conditioner
• Blow dry by hand with the industry’s best dryers
• Brush Out service using commercial equipment
• Nail Trim service and ear cleaning
• Undercoat and shed removal with specialty shampoo and tools if applicable
If your pet requires medicated shampoo, you may provide your own prescription or ask about our medicated services.

Price Guideline for The Ultimate Bath:
Small Dogs less than 15 pounds: $48 – $54
Medium Dogs between 16 through 39 pounds: $60-$70
Large Dogs over 40 pounds: $70 – $125

The Ultimate Style – By Appointment Only

The Ultimate Bath is included with your Ultimate Style. If you are a new client, you will meet with a Master Groomer to discuss your options in the appearance of your pet. This is at no charge to you.

Our Stylists are seasoned professionals. All our groomers have a grooming history of 10 years or greater so you can be assured that you are receiving formally trained and seasoned veterans with your pet.

Price Guide for The Ultimate Style:
Small Dogs less than 15 pounds: $107 – $138
Medium Dogs between 16 through 39 pounds: $128 – $158
Large Dogs over 40 pounds: $148 – $250+

Why is There a Price Range?

Each dog and situation is unique. For example, a short haired Chihuahua is on the lower end while a Pomeranian is on the higher end because a Pomeranian requires hand scissoring and much greater detailed work. If your pet is heavily matted, de-matting takes time. This is one reason why we recommend a bath in between grooming sessions.

Another factor that can modify the cost is your pet’s behavior while on the grooming table. “Table Terrors” can take twice as long to groom versus a cooperative pet. For these “Table Terrors”, we often work with our clients at no charge to find a solution. We want to help your pet to be a good client and enjoy their spa day as much as you do.

Please note: If your dog is a “Table or Tub Terror” there may be an extra charge.

Next Steps
If you are unhappy with your current groomer, new to Naples, or feel like you need a change, please contact us to make an appointment today.

All clients must provide up-to-date contact information and vaccine paperwork.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us!