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poodle grooming

Since 2009 our groomers have been known for our quality work with Dog Grooming in Naples, FL.  We have specialized equipment, training and staff to make your pet feel at ease for that perfect look.  Your dog’s experience with us is very important which is why we focus on a stress free and clean environment. Your pet’s day at the spa should not be a stressful experience.   Our location is in the Alexander shopping mall . It is an ideal location to serve the greater Naples area. This pet friendly mall welcomes dogs in all of its shops including the restaurant which has a animal license from the City of Naples.  Please call us for more details.


Wholesome Food Store


Most of the time you associate a wholesome pet food store with a great selection but at EXTREMELY HIGH PRICES! For the most part, that is true except at Posh Paws.

You do not need a clumsy reward card, you do not need a “price matching policy” and there are no gimmicks.  We provide the lowest price, right here and right now.

Wholesome food not only taste great and is a perfect diet for your dog, we are able to deliver these products at a substantial savings. In fact, take a look at the big box retailers or on-line stores and you can easily verify that you will save even more money with Posh Paws.

With In store shopping, Curbside delivery, local delivery (Via our fleet) or shipping anywhere in the CONUS, we are tough to beat.