Sustainably Sourced. Simply Delicious PERFECTLY PLAIN: for dogs with sensitive stomachs or picky palates – no chance they turn their noses up at these. Perfectly roasted chicken tenders without the fuss, what more could you want? These Tenders are PERFECTLY PLAIN and mouth-wateringly delicious. The only problem? You’ll need a towel to clean up all that drool! Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein, we offer 5 varieties of savory chicken Tenders: PERFECTLY PLAIN for animals with sensitive stomachs, FLEX for joint support, FRESH for fresh breath, MELLOW for soothing, and SHINE for healthy skin & coat. Proudly hand-crafted in Lancaster County, PA.

Earth Animal Chicken Tender Plain 4 OZ

Earth Animal Chicken Tender Plain 4 OZ

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