Sustainably Sourced. Simply Delicious FLEX: for long runs with young pups, short walks with old souls, and general joint comfort in between. Alfalfa nourishes the skeletal system and turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory so we have added them to our PERFECTLY PLAIN Tenders to create a treat that’s helps improve flexibility and joint comfort. To make them even more beneficial we added glucosamine and chondrontin. Our FLEX Tenders are sure to delight your dog’s palate and ease joint discomfort at the same time. What are the PERFECTLY PLAIN Tenders? Cage-free American chicken, slow roasted in small batches to the perfect flavor, aroma and tenderness. Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein, we offer 5 varieties of savory chicken Tenders: PERFECTLY PLAIN for animals with sensitive stomachs, FLEX for joint support, FRESH for fresh breath, MELLOW for soothing, and SHINE for healthy skin & coat. Proudly hand-crafted in Lancaster County, PA.

Earth Animal Chicken Tender Mellow 4 OZ

Earth Animal Chicken Tender Mellow 4 OZ

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