5 Things to ask your Groomer


5 Questions

Unlike your Hair Stylist, Florida does NOT require pet groomers to obtain a license.  Here are the "Top 5" questions you should ask  before making a decision.

5 Things To Ask Your Groomer

Question 1.) Do any of your groomers have a formal education and degree from an accredited school for pet grooming?

Question 2.) You claim to have "Trained Groomers" , what type of training and where did this training occur?

Question 3.) You walk into the shop, it's filthy, chaotic and you feel the stress, ask YOURSELF the question, why?

Question 4.) Does the business have the necessary current license with the city displayed? Each business in Naples and Collier County is REQUIRED to obtain and maintain a business license.

Question 5.) Although items like Blueberry Facials and Flea baths are usually extra, how come your Groomer charges extra nickels and dimes for "upgraded shampoo's , conditioners, nail trims etc.." Ask yourself, "Shouldn't that be included anyway?"

Remember, you are trusting a business with your loved one. Without formal training from an accredited school or apprenticeship with a professional, a lot can go wrong and even death can occur.  The industry standard for how many dogs per day 1 groomer can complete is 6-8 dogs maximum over an 9 hour day.  If your groomer is doing more than that, then you can bet there are shortcuts being made.

Remember the 5 things to ask your groomer before you choose.

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